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Kim Jordan, Fort Collins
CEO and Co-Founder, New Belgium Brewing

“John is a great Governor because he has a terrific ability to bring disparate groups together to work on sometimes contentious issues and that ability to bring people from all different sides of an issue together to solve problems for Colorado is a really important part of leadership.”

Chuck Sullivan, Denver
Co-founder, Something Independent

“I support Governor Hickenlooper because I believe he embodies the spirit of the West, supports Colorado entrepreneurs, and understands that when it comes to business, it’s not all numbers, it’s about people, it’s about experience, it’s about collaboration, and I believe Governor Hickenlooper sees that big picture.”

Kathleen George, Estes Park
Owner, Rustic Mountain Charm

“His call to action in the face of the adversity our state was facing, saved our business. Because of his exemplary leadership, the coordination of CDOT, all the road crews, and the steadfast determination of the citizens of this community and our state, Estes Park is not only recovering from the flood but we're going to be stronger than ever before”

Cindy Haren, Greeley
Agriculture industry executive

"I would like to tell you why I personally value Governor Hickenlooper. He has a genuine interest in seeing rural communities and agricultural families thrive in Colorado.”

Wy Livingston, Denver
Founder and Owner, Wystone's World Tea

“I think we are in a unique position in Colorado having our governor being a former and current business owner. He has a special way of understanding what the business needs are for this community. If you haven’t walked in our shoes, it’s really difficult for you to understand what bills, what measures are going to be meaningful to a small business. Governor Hickenlooper certainly understands that.”

Craig Engelhorn, Lyons, Distiller and Co-Founder & Neil Sullivan, Lyons, Co-Founder
Spirit Hounds Distillers

“We are avid supporters of Governor Hickenlooper because he made it a point of being very present very quickly in Lyons. His team came to Lyons as soon as they physically could get in to Lyons, making damage assessments, visiting residents, visiting businesses, reaching out to the community and reassuring the community that he was going to help. His support has been phenomenal along the way. From my perspective he is one I’ll support many times over and we look forward to his continual leadership in the State of Colorado.”

Brian Burney, La Junta
President and CEO Oliver Manufacturing

“He has shown he cares about even a small company like mine in rural Colorado. John is a great Governor because he's real, he treats you with honesty and he gives honesty back. He's a real person and he's someone you can rely on to lead and get things done.”

Raul Gonzalez III, Edgewater
Director of Operations, Wystone's World Tea
Participant in ReHire Colorado Program

“Governor Hickenlooper has shown his caring and his ability to support small businesses as well as the people here in Colorado. I support Governor Hickenlooper because he also supports us small business like Wystone, those of us that have been unemployed, underemployed or just need a helping hand.”

Darrell Hanavan, Castle Rock
Colorado wheat industry executive

“I support Governor Hickenlooper because he's gone above and beyond for the wheat industry in Colorado. Colorado was recently chosen as the national headquarters of Ardent Mills, a new flour milling joint venture owned by Cargill, ConAgra Foods and CHS, which will be the largest in North America. This project means growth and new jobs, and will bring benefits to rural and urban areas all over the state. Governor Hickenlooper worked with us to highlight Colorado's world-class innovation in high-quality wheat varieties at CSU, and kept pushing hard to ensure Colorado was chosen for the headquarters.”

Jolene Trujillo, Alamosa

"Thank you Governor Hickenlooper for all you do for rural Colorado."

Thomas Rumery, New Castle

"I support Governor Hickenlooper because he supports organic agriculture on the West Slope and in Colorado in general."

Bretta Ross, Pueblo West

I'm supporting John Hickenlooper because he's bringing jobs to rural Colorado. And not just any jobs, hi-tech jobs. I support him 100% for doing that."

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